Thursday, September 23, 2010

behold the power of s'mores

i'm going to sprinkle in a few vacation posts here and there. i figure that since our summer was hardly a summer at all and consisted of dreary & grey weather for most of the time, why not extend it a bit longer - at least virtually.

today, as fall begins, a celebration of one of life's most wonderful summer traditions...s'mores!

for a week in august we were staying at a beach house in san diego with our friends kim & jeremy and their boys eli and amos. usually the bulk of our time together is planning and then executing food adventures, all while the mayhem of 4 small children ensues. one evening, kim & i hatched a plan to get the kids cozy in their pj's and then to whisk them down to the beach for sunset s'mores!
they were so excited they ran almost the whole way to the beach
we found the perfect spot
ruby was all snuggled up
s'more prep
jeremy stoking the fire
we left the actual work to the boys, while we frolicked with the kiddos
amos, monrovia & eli waiting patiently
love this photo that kim took of m looking out at the water
amos makes his move on m
first bite...
they were so happy & sugared up
eli savoring his treat
and this is how i enjoy a s'more- sans the graham cracker!
kimmie and amos snuggle while they snack
poor ruby - no treats for her, so she sucked on her hand instead
operation s'mores successful!
do you have a favorite summer tradition?


  1. So cute. R and M look like twins in those last two photos.

  2. your daughter is just stunning! so much personality in her face and already a beautiful spirit.


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