Sunday, September 26, 2010

oh, how the time flies

as of friday, ruby was 4 months old. first of all, her hair continues to be amazing (see above.)

she is becoming so much more interactive in her old age, and still has such a sweet temperament. i see these glimpses of the girls staying up til all hours and getting each other into trouble. oh, how full our hands will be.

it's funny - little m was forced to be flexible because we were always schlepping her to and from appointments, therapy, and deaf related stuff. (and when i say m was flexible, i mean she often screamed her little feisty heart out, but she learned to go with the flow because there really was no other choice.) ruby is forced to be flexible because we schlep her to m's school three days a week, and then since we are doing that, why not just bring her along to every other place we are off to? and so it goes. the gift has been that she is incredibly mellow - even with long car rides, multiple appointments for m, random napping locations (often the car seat) and a big sister who likes to maul her. of course, she shares two things in common with her big sister: a. they have the same exact cry face; somehow their mouths look identical when it is time to scream and b. when it is time to scream, ruby can hit some veeeery high decibels. the girl is loud and committed to letting us know that she is, indeed, displeased.

the first thing m says every morning when i go in to get her, even before we put her implants on, is "i want to go see baby ruby?" so, you see, we all like her around these parts.

in short, i think she is pretty marvelous. i am so happy she is a part of our family.


  1. In short, I like her (and all of you) too. Very much. Thanks for posting an updated pic of Ruby's loveliness.

  2. Ruby has the most awesome hair! There are times my boys remind me of each other- there is something really neat in watching siblings grow up together!

  3. i freaking love her hair so much that I am going to be so sad when it grows out. can you figure out a way to keep it like this forever?

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  5. her hair reminds me of muppet hair. not puppet (scary), muppet (as in the muppet show, way awesome)


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