Thursday, September 9, 2010

life is crazypants

a moment of rest with my sweet ruby
home from vacation. then dear friends in town staying with us. meanwhile school starts for m. 3 days a week an hour each way. oh, and this weekend my brother is getting married. and the rehearsal dinner happens to be at our house.

maybe that explains my lack of posting. maybe that explains my messy house. maybe that explains why i've wanted to go to sleep before 9 the last few days.


  1. can i help? hey i finally met sarah and i saw your mom on sunday. i love our colliding worlds but we must set our crazy pants life aside one of these days and sit down and drink some tea.

  2. What a great picture! I'm glad you get a few quiet moments here and there, amidst the chaos. Congrats to your brother and I hope all goes well this weekend. And don't think of your house as messy; it just has that comfortable, lived-in look, like a favorite pair of jeans. Houses that are too clean feel over-starched and itchy. (At least that's my excuse....)

  3. I think ruby is going to need to come to my house so you can get some sleep and I can get one of those fabulous looking snugs!


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