Wednesday, September 15, 2010

to quote my mother, "woe is me"

this is how i feel tonight.
and thanks to really strong susannah genes, 
my daughter can make a suitable expression on my behalf.


  1. Woe is ME for not getting to see you today (Matt's not a bad replacement, being my Gardening Mentor and all, but still not quite the same...)

    How can I help fix your woefulness?

  2. Oh, how can anyone feel pouty in a kickin' hat like that?

  3. Noah has the same face. We call it "the lipper" :)

  4. love the hat and that lip sticking out! mom would also say (to me at least), "a bird could perch on that lip...go look in the mirror at yourslef, rebecca"...did you ever get those lines?


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