Wednesday, September 15, 2010


it's hard to know where to start: one of my best friends had a baby yesterday, my brother got married this weekend, our dear friends were here for a week prior to that, and i never really recapped vacation.

i feel like i am constantly telling people, "life is so crazy right now because x, y, and z has been happening. i would love to see you-maybe next week will be less hectic?" but it just feels like really, life is always pretty busy. usually it is busy in a good way- i am so grateful that we have such good friends, and family that lives close by, and two very fun kids. adding in another day of school, and a longer school day at that, has for some reason really added a lot to our schedule - it just makes for a very full and frantic schedule, especially in the mornings.  i don't know if i just need to recognize that at this point in time life is full, and that each week holds a lot of activity. it isn't even as if it is full with loads of friend time - it just feels packed with the nuts and bolts of parenting two little ones, school, finishing unpacking the house, nursing a lot, and trying to squeeze freelance work and my vocation as an artist in at any possible time.

i was halfway through this blogpost, and - in keeping with the subject matter - didn't have time to finish writing it in one sitting, when i saw this article posted on a friend's facebook page. and i thought, this article is better than any accompanying personal photo i can post, because i ask myself this same question: "why don't i have time?" i'm not technically a stay-at-home mom, since i work from home and in my studio, but enough of it resonated with me that i thought i'd share it. i think it applies whether you work as a mom, work from home, or work outside of the home part-time or full-time.

on that note...since i have one child asleep & one in class, i have a window of time to work, so off to knock out some freelance.

lots to post, so hopefully i'll be back here soon!


  1. If this were Jeopardy, the answer would be, "Kids."

    And the question would be:
    Why am I so tired?
    Why can't I get anything done?
    Why is the kitchen always a mess?
    Why don't I get alone time?
    Why don't I get alone time with my spouse?
    Who is making that noise?
    Why am I up at 3 in the morning?
    Why am I eating grilled cheese again?
    Who took my shoe?
    Why is there snot on my shirt?

    And, what brings me joy and fear and frustration all at the same time?

    I hear ya' Sooz.

  2. Oh man, that was so good!!! (The post, the article, and misterscooter's comment.) I really have nothing to add but heck yeah. (I originally typed something stronger than heck, but then thought maybe your mother who doesn't cuss might read it and I didn't want her to give you flak about the online company you keep.) I'm sharing that article with all my friends.

  3. that's the best article i've read in weeks. please laminate and put on a tshirt.


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