Wednesday, October 13, 2010

and the winner is...

for once in my life i won something.

well, i should clarify- i did win $100 of wallpaper from a wallpaper store when i was in 8th grade. the hideous pastel palm tree border and matching wallpaper that adorned our downstairs family bathroom in the 90's? yup. thanks to me, it was both uglypants and free.
lucky for me, this item was supercute and free. 
i entered a blog contest on deliajude
and for once (since every other blog contest i've entered equaled zilch) i won!
a festive mini garland showed up in my mailbox. now i just need to find a fun spot to stick it.
you can get your own cute garland at deliajude's etsy shoppe! (i highly recommend the garland of the month club. i had it for 6 months & it was the most fun my mailbox had every month. promise.)


  1. you are always a winner to me!

  2. um. there was also that time you won a fellowship. because you are uber talented. xo!


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