Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin party

 here's m last year at the pumpkin patch. she's so itty bitty!
we headed to the pumpkin patch with m's class from school today. 
lots of pumpkins, wagons & friends with whom to frolic!
m picked out a cinderella pumpkin (somewhere, somehow in the past couple of weeks she learned the word cinderella, so i guess it's appropriate that she happened to pick a pumpkin variety with a name she knew) & raced around the patch with the other kids.
i have to say i'm daily amazed at where her language is.
we got in the car and she was chattering away about the field trip, "mommy, today was so so much fun. it was my favorite. maybe tomorrow i can have cinderella costume like riry (lily)..." and on and on. 
it just doesn't grow old to hear her talking and listening and expanding her vocabulary. i love hearing her talk to her friends now - little girls who have implants or hearing loss just like her, who are laughing, talking, giggling, and being toddlers. i adore it.
i'm so grateful for her progress every single day.

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  1. ooooh, will you post a pic with m and her cinderella pumpkin?! xoxo


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