Thursday, October 21, 2010


live music is good.

went to two amazing shows this week, both of which were inspiring, beautiful & completely different from each other. i love watching makers who delight in making, and who you can tell love what they are doing. my favorite is that at both concerts they would shuffle instruments, lead vocals.

i loved it.

suffice it to say it made me want to be in a band. no, i'm not kidding. well, maybe in an alternate universe i can be a singer in a band.

i love mumford & sons. and why not? as we know i love bands that specialize in rousing anthems - uh, u2 anyone? oh, they were so good. i will not lie-i could've stayed all night. i practically did, since they played til just shy of midnight!

even more awesome? my mom came. cause she's a lover, too & she loves her some passionate music. (it's where i get it, you know.)

and the jonsi show was well...crazy, creative, visually stunning, bizarre, and wonderful. his music is haunting and moving and beautiful all at once.

now, i am going to paint. because music makes me want to paint.


  1. cornelia rocks the house. i'm also convinced the accordion player for mumford and sons is actually luke huber.

  2. Sooz, do you remember the band name we made up, while sitting on the Quad? If you do remember, I will be AMAZED. I think it about it, frankly, all the time.


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