Monday, October 4, 2010

double trouble

he's my favorite. 
and he's gone all week. so it's just me and the girls.
we'll miss him.

p.s. at the end of the week i'll be joining matt in nyc for a long weekend. i'll take ruby with me, but m will be staying here with her grandma. any tips or ideas on special things i can do for m so she isn't too parent-sick? this is the longest i've left her for, and the same for matt. (of course i know she'll be spoiled silly by grandparent love, so she will be just fine!)


  1. any chance u could stop in detroit on your way to nyc? i mean, it IS right on the way...

  2. she could have some have uncle time! (like that will replace mommy time)

  3. When we left for 4 nights I wrote letters to the kids to be opened each day. I included a couple of pictures of them or all of us doing fun things together.

  4. 1. Wrap up old toys she hasn't played with in a while and have her open one each day.
    2. Video chat?
    3. Print out pictures with little memories on them or jokes
    4. Make her a little edible treat for each day :)

    buy her a puppy?!


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