Sunday, October 24, 2010

a little more new york

...slowly but surely i will finish our fantastic new york trip!

carrying our delightful treats from milk bar, we headed to central park!
we found a cozy spot right inside the park and settled in to have our snack.
matt takes his first bite of cinnamon bun pie. oh yes, you read that right.
ooey, gooey and in pie form.
and here is the aforementioned candy bar pie.
it was so yummy that i included two photos. 
chocolate cookie crust, caramel, peanut butter nougat & pretzel? 
as i may have said before, hello amazingness!
seriously, i savored every single bite and crumb.
it was so peaceful and so relaxing to hang out, talk, 
and just enjoy such a beautiful spot in this vast city.
ruby looks upset, but i promise she was mostly content-
i think she's just said here because she wanted to nurse some more. 
(can i say that this trip could also be called "susannah nurses at every spot in nyc, especially in locations at which young children rarely never set foot")

(see? look how delighted ruby looks just moments later)

we then proceeded to walk about 60 blocks worth of central park for over an hour. it was perfect weather, and so beautiful as we wandered along paths and through different areas of the park.

(image from yelp)
we headed to a spot we've gone before when visiting new york, that our friends brandon, steve & renetta had told us about, the hungarian pastry shop. 
lest you think ALL we did was eat treats, we went to get some cappuccinos. (promise)
although i won't lie- they do have tons of delicious baked goods there (see below.) 
it was jam packed with people studying (it's right by columbia university), pretending to study, waxing philosophical, flirting, reading and hanging out. 
we stayed for a while until ruby was over it and headed to the subway 
(our feet were tired after so much walking!)

(image from

my friend rachel & her husband joseph ever so kindly offered to watch ruby for matt & i so that we could go out to dinner sans kidlet. it was so generous and thoughtful of them! we got to stop by their very cute and very new york sized apartment before going out to dinner at the spotted pig (which had just happened to get a michelin star that very week!) it had a new york sized wait of 2 + hours, so we went up to the bar and ate there.

(image from
how cute is it? the bar was slammed and such a scene. we did lots of people watching and then matt got the pig eared salad (yes! he did-and i tasted it. it was actually incredible.)
(image from
...while i got the burger. (2 burgers in one day! the burger had gotten rave reviews in one of my favorite imported magazines-jamie oliver's magazine. he'd done an article on new york restaurants & included spotted pig's burger. so, i tried it.) it was amazing. yum. yum. yum.

we headed home to rachel's to get ruby (you can see the awesome baby fort she made for ruby to sleep in on her blog) and alas, poor rachel was outside holding a not very happy baby ruby. apparently she didn't want to sleep; instead she wanted to troll the streets of new york looking for new places that i could nurse her. rachel and joseph lived close enough to the apartment we were renting that we took the half hour walk home to soak up some more of the city.

(& more to come as long as you are game for more nyc play by play)


  1. These posts are making me so HUNGRY! That food looks delicious- especially the cinnamon bun pie. Oh, yum!

  2. ditto to what leah said. candy bar pie - YUMMO!

    love the new york posts...keep em coming.

  3. I HEART THIS POST!!!!!! Eating and walking, my two fave things ever to do in NYC. So glad you kids had a wonderful time.

  4. I love reading your posts! x

  5. Anonymous is Nicola, I never get used to this ridiculous password thing.
    But I do love your posts! x


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