Friday, December 31, 2010

oh blog part 2

i really didn't mean to dangle that "will you read this or won't you" and then disappear on you. really. i fully intended to write those posts (and i will), but the last week has been full, and i have barely been online (which is good, of course!)

so, i intend to respond to your sweet comments with some posts, but for today, the last of the year, i will be savoring our last moments with matt's sister and her husband (who head home to amsterdam in the morning), unpacking and cleaning up the house, cooking a meal for tonight and taking a nap! a little more low key than multiple party hopping escapades of other years. such is the season of small children, i suppose.

(p.s. i should add that both of these cuties are sick, and that the itty bitty one got her bleary, watery eyes, smoker's cough and nose that runs like a faucet from her big sister. it is cold #1 for her (cold #465 for big sister) and it is a little tragic to see her sweet 7 month old face look up at me like, what happened to the safe, cozy world where i eat every three hours and am snuggled to contentment whenever i so desire? why is my head suddenly exploding in pain? and what, pray tell, is that delicious sweet liquid candy you feed me from a little plastic syringey thing that makes the whole world better?) 

here is the sole christmas eve photo we got. ah, the stuff of memories!
five seconds later m smacked her little sister in the face and proceeded to downward spiral as only a 2 1/2 year old can, which included a lot of flailing and havoc-wreaking.

happy new year to you all,
and can't wait to share some of our fun december adventures with you!


  1. Dear Susannah,
    Happy New Year from a "lurker" who started to read your blog, not often but regularly, in 2010. I'm an older Mom (my kids are 23, 19, 19 & 16), an Art History major, a career arts administrator, a poetry lover, and a lapsed Christian who still prays, worries, and wonders about faith and following. My husband left me and our family after 30 years of marriage; we are now divorced (much to my still shocked disbelief) and I am in a reflective period of reassessment and reinvention -- sometimes dizzy with exhiliration and hope, and sometimes buried in terror and despair. Your blog can make me envious ("I wish that was my life!") but usually it encourages and lifts me up. Thank you for sharing your creativity, your joy, and your awareness of the beauty in life. I wanted you to know that what you write makes more of a difference in the world than you probably imagine. I also wanted to suggest, since you mentioned that you love "O Holy Night," that you listen to the recording Kathleen Battle made of the song with Leonard Slatkin. It's an old CD, but I listen to it every Christmas season with a thrill. The last high note surprises me every "first time" I hear it, and it still brings tears to my eyes. I hope you can find it at your library or online.
    Best wishes for many blessings in 2011!

  2. linda,

    thanks for such kind words. really. one thing love about blogging is connecting with people who i would otherwise never meet. if you've read back far enough or caught it in snippets, my parents divorced after 38 years of marriage last year. i think my mom was in disbelief for a long time, and that sentence "I am in a reflective period of reassessment and reinvention -- sometimes dizzy with exhiliration and hope, and sometimes buried in terror and despair." completely resonates with me. thanks for reading (and saying hello.) oh-and thanks for the recommendation on o holy night!


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