Friday, April 29, 2011

i can't help it, i love it.

guess what my daughter and i did first thing this morning (as evidenced by my halo of bedhead)...

sitting on the couch watching the royal wedding!

a. i can't believe matt is letting her
b. don't judge
c. what did you think of the dress? (because i know you've already seen it.)

i know it is ridiculous, but hear me out:
maybe, just maybe, as a child i checked the massive coffee table book about princess diana out from the elkins park library about 238 times. who knows how many hours i spent poring over the pages of that book- i can still see so many of the pictures emblazoned on my memory: the one of diana falling asleep during a state event, the one where she is standing next to charles pre-wedding and looking shyly to the ground, the one where she is leaning over to talk to one of her flower girls as they stand on the balcony after the wedding. i also proceeded to draw thousands (i am not exaggerating, even if i am sometimes prone to hyperbole) versions of her wedding dress and her other outfits. my early love of princess di launched a whole lot of artistic inspiration and imagination in my young life.

so, fast forward almost twenty years, and my husband smiles to himself (some may say the expression is more accurately described as a smirk) and occasionally chuckles as i sit here on the couch, explaining to little m who everyone is, what they are saying, and what's happening now.

but i love it.

and just so you know, so does she.

to quote her: "can you show me another video please? can you show me their shoes? i can't hear her voice [when she was saying vows]! i need her to talk louder. i want to see the kids [the flower girls and ring bearers] again. i need to see the girl in the dress; i can't see her."

(and for the record i am not a super-crazy, meaning i did not send the royal couple greetings even though yahoo asked me if i wanted to, i am not purchasing royal souvenirs, and i did not wake up early or host a viewing party to watch the wedding live.)


  1. true confessions:
    -i showed a few clips to the kids before school this am and promised we would watch more this pm.
    - i would have hosted a party if i knew anyone who would come. should have thought of you.
    -i had the diana royal wedding book...a big fan. i wept and wept when she died.
    -royal weddings are crazy stuff...oodles of cash-o-la for folks who would rather not have all the pomp.
    -yipee for little girls dreaming of royalty!
    -xo to you and yours.

  2. Why yes, this was also the first thing I did this morning, truth be told. Who could resist? There is finally joyous news on TV. It's a welcome break from war and turmoil. The dress was stunning.

    They are a cute couple and I look forward to seeing what they will do through the years. So much fun.

  3. I have this on DVR! My employer thanks you for the snippets :)

    I will love Diana and her legacy forever. Hopefully the new young couple will continue to be progressive and in love, in their new royal union.

    But, I heard she took "obey" out of the vows. Interesting.

    I do love the dress; elegant and graceful. The lace was a great top, instead of full coverage. Although a touch too "Madonna" on the C-cups if you know what I mean (as seen from the roof, looking down)

    xoxo to real princesses and dreamers across the globe!

  4. Didn't watch, but I did see pictures on yahoo just now -- yeah, the dress was gorgeous, and very flattering.

    I had the usual romantic obsession with Diana, too, and it seemed all the more tragic that she died right when she was starting to figure out who she really was. I hope that Kate has a much stronger sense of self-identity from the outset, for both their sakes.

  5. Michael downloaded the entire pre-wedding and post-wedding for me and made me promise to wait to watch it and not peek on cnn this morning! :)

    We share sentiments on the Pretty Pink Princesses, but I am all about sharing this momentous occasion with Landry. We just watched the first part and she keeps saying, "Princess Cafrem is SO beautiful, Mommy!"

  6. they look very story bookish- just lovely. I did peek at her dress online when I was at work this morning. I couldn't resist it!

  7. I watched it first thing in the morning with my 2-yr-old and she loved it too! I told her it was a real life prince and princess and she kept saying, "Wanna see the princess again, wanna see her!" Watching the wedding really is like a fairytale for all us girls, young and old!

  8. i know- i am down with princess mania in disney form, but this seems different somehow. loved it!

  9. I watched most of the morning too. Then again in the afternoon. Then again this morning. I can't keep my eyes off of her and that dress. Call me shallow, but I loved it!

  10. wait so you are saying i am crazy for attending a viewing party from 12-4 in the morning? and then watching it againg with my girls as they gasped at how pretty a real princess was! i definitely was sucked into all of it and still cannot get over his face when he leaned over and told her she was beautiful!

  11. I have still not watched any footage. Had to listen to talk, but pretty much have missed it. You try to make me watch Susannah... sneaky!!! Sorry living here my anti royalist tendencies raise their head! Grrrr


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