Tuesday, April 12, 2011


three years ago today
this little one 
made me a mommy.

suddenly she seems so grown-up-
surely not a baby anymore, 
every day that passes she seems less like a toddler and more like a girl.

on the way home from school she exclaimed,
"mom, you're the best ever! thanks for packing this snack for me"
(*sidenote-matt actually packed the snack, so he's the best ever- not me)
and i couldn't help but start laughing
at my funny, expressive little girl
who talks & sings non-stop.
(birthday outfit curated by m)

don't get me wrong,
at 7:30 tonight i was about ready to pull my hair out, frustrated with my independent, stubborn daughter who was melting down at the slightest thing after a day full of attention and cupcakes.

and then,
moments after the hour long get-into-bed-fight was over,
after she was finally in bed 
and i was giving ruby an extra snuggle,
m crawled out from under her blanket,
put her little arms around my legs
and buried her head against me. 

and my frustration
melted a bit
i scooped her up and burrowed her head into my neck for a minute.
i love those moments.

i can't imagine life without this little person who has changed me, softened me, bettered me.
three years of absolutely wonderful.
love this girl.


  1. She has the best smile. So, so sweet.

  2. Happy Birthday Miss M! She is just the cutest little one!

    The time does go by quickly, doesn't it?

  3. What a great post. Being a parent can feel so draining at times, but there's nothing that replenishes my well better than cuddling with Ben. I guess an accountant would say that I make a considerable net profit. Happy birthday to M, and happy parenting to you.

  4. Happy Birthday. so touching, this post.

    And where is IEP, part dos? :)

  5. IEP post part 2 is up! :) FINALLY 2 weeks later, right? now i just have to post uncle aaron's hearing birthday rap- a month late!

  6. love little m! I knew you were meant to be a mom!

  7. I can't believe she's already 3!! happy birthday sweet m! i love all the pics in this post, especially the one at the end of the two of you.

    ps..I'm back to the world of blogging..so lots of catch-up commenting to do! (:


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