Wednesday, April 6, 2011

smorgasbord post

i'll write something about m's iep this morning (i promise!)
but for now a little hodge podge:

a. how have i just now discovered pinterest? it's amazing.

b. i should have an entire series of posts on things i get worse at as i get older, but for today we'll just stick to one: thank you cards. i used to rock thank you's right after a birthday, holiday, delicious meal, kind gesture. now, i am so far behind that it is laughable. or depressing. you've probably done something awesome for me in the last year and i probably owe you a thank you, stamped and pretty in your mailbox. but don't know if it will happen anytime soon, so here's a thank you to tide you over.

c. the other day m and ruby's cousin sadie came over to play. my attempt at a photo of m and sadie (ruby was having none of it)

silly girls.

d. last night, as i worked on freelance and matt read, things were quiet (once we the girls finally fell asleep!) there was a tap-tap-tap on the door at about 9 pm, just about when my mind was thinking i needed a little treat. how convenient! my mom stopped by with fenton's ice cream. um, what? that's right- my mom is amazing. turns out she picked up ice cream for us, for my brother & his wife up the street, and for my sister and her family. we all got late night dessert drops, and really, what could be better than that?

e. in a week i will have a three year old.
kind of blowing my mind.

f. i love the sunshine, and i'm so happy it has been warm and wonderful the past week or so. to all of you who are still languishing in wintery, blustery weather, my apologies...i promise to go outside barefoot for you today!


  1. I just checked out Pinterest...fascinating! Do I just send a request for an invitation?

  2. yep-just send a request. they aren't accepting new people right now, but they put you on their list. meanwhile you can look at what everyone who is already one there is looking at...i.e. maybe you could find some cool fabrics for your chairs! :)

  3. oh my goodness. those girls. it is amazing how sadie looks like such a great combo of her mom and dad! and that little m...spittin' image of her motha!

  4. Note to self: be the mom that brings ice cream to my grown kids at night. Love that!

  5. i know, i agree- it is pretty much the best!

  6. love these pictures of the girls! they are so silly together. and the fact that they were twinsies on accident is hilarious


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