Sunday, April 3, 2011

yep, i'm talking to you!

conversation i had this week:

them: "i always want to comment on your blog, but i don't want to sign up for another account."
me: "you don't have to! you can comment without a blogger account. for reals. "
what are you waiting for?

here's how. it's easy, i promise.

1. click on the link at the bottom of each post where it says # comments, to the left of that little pencil icon:

2. type a brilliant, funny, insightful, etc. comment or question into the box:

3. after you write your comment, choose one of the following identities:
if you already have a blogger or gmail account & want to log in and comment that way, you can. otherwise, just click on name/url and write your name:

4. then hit publish!

(i'm trying to respond to comments in the comment section more than i have in the past, so peek back in after posting...but if you have a specific question or just want to say hello, feel free to also email me)

now, no excuses!


  1. see? this is where you can say hello to me. xo

  2. Okay--you got me. Here is my brilliant, witty, insightful, thoughtful, tear-inducing, laughter-inducing, possibly vomit-inducing comment. Because I love you and I read your blog all the time and brag about you to all my friends on facebook. I lurk no more!

  3. mags- i love it. it WAS a laugh inducing comment. :) as if you have time for comments with all of your child juggling & olympian level thrifting. :)

  4. hello! Hww did last week go?

  5. I may have posted before...I'm Hannah's friend and a "good but hard" blurker. wanted to say-i loved the hearing party! every detail was so fun!

  6. aka-mama, yes :) you have...i think i've visited YOUR blog but prob haven't commented :)

    sandy-yes! will post about the iep....

  7. i love Fenton's Ice Cream!

  8. i love it too!!!! nice, now i know who your mom is!

  9. Finally, I've figured it out...or, well, you gave me the "dummy directions" for commenting! Thank you Sooz for making me smile, making me hungry, bringing tears to my eyes and for reminding me of why it's been TOO long since we've caught up. I love your blog! xoxox

  10. such kind words heather. :) thank you. maybe the benevides girls should reunite in fairfield! :)


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