Thursday, April 14, 2011

(right now)

Outside my window...dreary, with the promise of blue skies and sunshine later today

I am thinking...about how much i like sleep. sleep is awesome, and i just don't understand how my daughters do not glory in and relish sleep, but instead wake up as early as possible, only to have melt downs early and often.

I am thankful for...brunch at my sister's house, the sound of my daughters giggling in their room, so many colors of paint, phone conversations with friends during naptime, silly grandparents who love my kids

From the kitchen...roasted asparagus (not for breakfast, but for dinner last night.) my friends, please tell me you are taking advantage of asparagus season. if not, go forth and do so now.

I am wearing...a cozy, silkscreened scarf, black long sleeved shirt, jeans, and sweater boots that my sister gave me (they are my go to warm-me-up-in-one-fell-swoop clothing item.)

I am creating...a home full of laughter and creativity and stories and play, little paintings on paper, and less than i want to be, but more than i give myself credit for.

I am celebrate small small that i finished a bunch of deadlines before rebooting for the next round due in a few days!

I am reading...cutting for stone (our new book club book)

I am hoping...that my studio gets done soon so i can paint large paintings again, that parenthood gets renewed for another season (love that show. so good.)

I am hearing...piped in classical music (i stole away to peet's coffee for an hour,) background laughter and conversation around the cafe, espresso machines clanging and whirring and beeping

Around the house...multiple loads of clean laundry to fold-the story of my life, stacks of paper and tubes of paint scattered on our dining room table, the bunting still hanging from m's family b-day party this weekend

One of my favorite things...when matt walks through the door.

A few plans for the rest of the week: fold and put away aforementioned laundry, do some freelance, hang some artwork on our walls, go to m's open house at school, make treats for our neighborhood school's staff

what are 
you doing right now?


  1. I heart your blog so much! ...if you haven't already noticed by my inability to be equally as creative when I directly copy you. Ha!

    Right now I am:
    - Applying for a job in Michigan (eek!)
    - Reading Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pic Society (love it!)
    - Planning a delicious dinner of leftovers from my mom's visit
    - Oh, and a little homework...

  2. I love Cutting for Stone! I haven't liked a book this much in a long time! It's soooo long, but I'm enjoying every minute of it!

    Thx for the shout outs! XO

  3. oh elena, you are so cute. and hey-directly copying is awesome. own it!

    bec, i'm only about 75 pages in to cutting for stone, but so far i like it a lot!

  4. /I like the Wife Card. Great way to show you love the closest to your heart.

  5. love your blog! love your pictures!
    i too need to read cutting for stone for my book club:)
    happy weekend to you!


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