Saturday, August 6, 2011

good things

 lazy hanging out sister time with lots of books
 another tooth! for a total of 5
 sweet moments soaking up the beauty of this place
 daddy daughter sand time
 blobby sand castles

 matt & m's canoe rides during ruby's naptime!
 seriously? where did this pose come from?
 i want to gobble them up whole & freeze time in moments like this
 daily drawing time
 fun with food
or as m calls them "panpakes"
 best husband ever award goes to surprise afternoon iced coffee two days in a row
one day it was accompanied by a magazine
a rare moment of stillness on the beach
 my daughter's favorite part of the beach: snacks.

have a great weekend!
alas, back to our homestead tomorrow.


  1. GREAT photos!! Looks like a wonderful time!! XXOO

  2. love these happy moments! m kills me with her happy pose and ruby looks so grown up with all those teeth!

    (are you having fun on the shore in your new swimsuit?!)


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