Thursday, August 4, 2011

yep, back again

thank you for all of your kind comments about blogging, as well as your book recommendations.

for now, i'll still blog. i think i am sorting through what to blog about. there are so many wonderful blogs out there, full of great photos, wit and wisdom and daily nuggets of life, so sometimes i wonder if i should just frequent those instead of posting my own. we'll see. as soon as i posted yesterday it made me want to post today, so there.

a few of you recommended the help- and yes, i read that earlier this year and loved it. so for any of you reading this post who have not read the help, i say go get it at your local library or bookstore! as for your other recommendations, thank you! we have this entire month for vacation and will be at home for part of it, but i need some good reading time snuck in somewhere, so please pipe in if you haven't already. i have some big deadlines (it never fails- vacation in august and inevitable deadlines in august- oh well.)

(for any robbers reading this post? nice try- we have people in and out of our house all month long, so no point taking advantage of our absence. yesterday there were three different people stopping by at various times for different reasons. hence why i don't mind posting that we are on vacation)

i've spent a healthy amount of this time that i stole away from our cabin trying to get some photos to upload, just to get "request failed!" repeatedly, so this post will now be rather brief.

matt and i have done some chatting about the way we do vacation- and if we need to modify it. it usually involves time with friends and family, a lot of driving the coast of california, and seeing people that live a ways from us. the downside is that we don't always return rested after so much people time and drive time. this week is nice because we are hanging, just the four of us, with little to no drive-around time. i'm curious- do you vacation? if so, how? anything you've learned about doing it with the littles? (i.e. beachtime with a crawling/cruising 1 year old and fearless 3 year old is not exactly restful)

any thoughts, my friends?


  1. We have never, ever vacationed with our kids. No advice, just chiming in because it just seems too daunting right now to even try!

  2. books that make me happy and that you should read if you haven't already: The Brothers K by David James Duncan, also the River Why (I think Matt will like these too), Let Us Now Praise Famous Men if you want something heavier and beautiful, The Time Traveler's Wife because it was written by someone who makes art and it reads that way, I don't have any new ones. There are too many books out there and I get overwhelmed. also, you are awesome. XOXO!

  3. your vacation spot looks divine.

    i have no vacation pearls of wisdom as i barely survived ours last week! (well, i'm being a little dramatic - there were lots of good moments, but it was so the opposite of relaxing for me!)

    i dream of reading - to have the time and not fall asleep after a paragraph! my go-tos for beach summer-y reads are margaret atwood, elizabeth berg, jennifer weiner...

    xo to all of you.

  4. We have decided that the best way to vacation is either with a grandma in tow or another family with young kids - that way we can take turns with the kids and still get some time to ourselves!

    Also, I love your blog. Yes - there are many blogs out there to read. But yours has your voice, your honesty, your stories your pictures and I enjoy that!

  5. Our "vacations" have always been to visit family, or with extended family. We did Park City this past year with my in-laws, which was nice because there were extra people around. It was sort of depressing to go from one place with snow to another, though!

    We are thinking of trying Myrtle Beach next year. I think it is a 14 hour drive - we'll let you know how it goes. We gave in and use electronic media on drives or in the plane: it is such an unnatural place for a child to be (strapped in) that the handheld games and DVD player make it easier. We also go through a lot of Color WOnder materials, books, and snacks!

  6. vacations with kids = NOT vacations. those are called family trips. at least for now. we're dreaming of the day when a family trip will feel like a vacation. (:


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