Tuesday, August 30, 2011

yep, it's that time again

oh, i have some fun vacation pics to share, but today was m's first day of school! 

(she looks so little! only one month older than ruby is right now!)

 attempt #1- complete failure
 and then once i said, "ok, we don't have to take a picture" she became all smiles

 big girl heading to school
 she instantly found one of her besties, lily
(it was a bittersweet day, since a couple of her friends are at new schools 
& two of her other friends are in another class.)
 sweet hand holding girls
ruby getting a hello from her friend ella (happy 1st birthday, tomorrow ella!)

my heart is a little wonky tonight-
can't believe my little one has been in school for 3 full years!


  1. be still my heart.
    she is such a big girl now.
    can i just say...i miss morning music so much!! actually the jw is missed...not the commute but the school. there will never be another school like it.

  2. That picture of her from behind walking to school!!! Visions of her future teenaged years!

    M is such a delight and all of us at JW think she's just amazing!

  3. oh my goodness. I'm so far behind on my blogs, from a WAY busy summer, and seeing these pictures of m made me tear up just as much as putting Aiden on the bus his first day! She is getting so big and of course, a.dorable! I can't believe how far our babies have come! One day they must meet. I know they'd have fun. cheers to a wonderful third year of school sweet girl!


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