Thursday, August 18, 2011

vacation, all i ever wanted, vacation had to get away

secret adventure with husband! after slaving away all week to paint our house (pics to follow), my sweet and thoughtful husband secretly plotted childcare (thanks to my mom and matt's sister chrissy tagteam efforts) & getaway plans for just the two of us! secretpants whisked me away to big sur! with a stop to santa cruz on the way. so fun, so needed for both of us- long hours painting for matt which = long solo parenting hours for me meant we could both use some time with each other.

we actually got to talk on the ride, minus interruptions from our littles.

 we stopped at a fantastic coffee shop on the way- verve in capitola 
(thought of you, jennifer!)
2 cappucinos (for me) later, i was happy as can be
 the fun spot we were staying was called treebones resort...and we stayed in a yurt!
husband had also secretly arranged a massage appointment for me when we got there.
suffice it to say, i was thrilled.
(especially when she accidentally went for an hour an a half instead of an hour)

 our yurt with an amazing view of the pacific 

 they also had a great organic garden overlooking the ocean
that supplied their restaurant with fresh deliciousness
 our yurt
 woodstove and all!
 our view from our deck

 we stopped at a few places along the way, 
including nepenthe's to check out the view and the architecture

 calling to check in on our kidlets
 please go to the big sur bakery & restaurant. it is so.freaking.good.

 this pizza slayed me. butternut squash with proscuitto and brown butter? um, yes please.

 we caught the sunset as we drove home to our yurt

 this made me happy-hot tub plus sitting and reading a book.

 my reflection as we look out at the ocean

 and then, we drive home to our munchkins!
the result of our secret vacation- very happy me.
and guess what? i slept so much. 11 hours both nights, and then a big fat nap.
more consecutive sleep than i've had in probably three years. 
sleep, glorious sleep.
my poor husband kidnaps me without children, and all i want to do is sleep.

(oh, and in breaking news, ruby took her first steps yesterday!)


  1. we love verve in capitola! we're there every time we're in santa cruz. and i love the word 'yurt'. and the views from your yurt are beautiful. and a hot tub and a yurt. and naps in the yurt. it all looks awesome.

  2. oh, that's my dream holiday complete with yurt! fantastic and i'm green with envy! but good for you-thankful you're rested, sweet one.

  3. that sounds fantastic! yay for Ruby!!

  4. you lucky, i mean blessed girl, you!

  5. That sounds so nice and the pictures are beautiful! That yurt looks amazing.

    Is verve that little coffee shop in an old garage where we'd go when we were at Mt. Hermon?

    She accidentally went for 1 1/2 hours? That would be awesome!!

  6. What a glorious vacation - the view from the yurt is just spectacular! I love Big Sur - we used to camp up there when I was a kid. It is absolutely gorgeous.

    And congratulations to little Ruby! She'll never stop walking (running) now!

  7. Everything about this makes me happy (especially the yurt) (and especially that pizza) (oh, and the view of the sea). So happy for your respite.

    Go Ruby go!


  8. What a lovely treat! Beautiful pictures. And Verve - that's a must through the Santa Cruz region. :)

  9. "we caught the sunset as we drove home to our yurt"

    That may be the singlemost profoundly Californian line I've ever heard. And since I lived there for nine years, I heard plenty of competition.

    Glad you had such a great time! Your idea of a perfect getaway sounds a lot like mine.

  10. This all sounds so glorious-- the SLEEP!, the view, the pizza, the coffee, the time away from kids with your hubby. Lots of needed rest before coming home to a toddler. Nice.


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