Friday, June 1, 2012

it's friday, friday

(today's self portrait in my cappuccino cup)

happy friday, kids!
i have approximately 12 blog posts brewing in my head,
and about 560 pictures that i finally uploaded,
but i am in my studio & wanting to make art
instead of blog.

i leave you with these short notes:

dear diet coke, i love you. i hate that i love you. you are bad for me. but i love you. and for that i hate you.

dear husband, thanks for being nice & not mentioning all of the things that you put up with from your awesome house of women. for example, the hair i shed in the shower and then mean to clean up but i forget and then you clean it up for me without ever saying a word. yes, i noticed. thank you. shower hair is gross. you're the best. 

dear saaron, thanks for upping the babysitting ante and making our downstairs into an elaborate obstacle course for my girls. you rock. (ps bonus aunt & uncle points because it helps m's auditory skills.)

dear sigur ros, you make the best soundtracks ever for artmaking. and for roadtrips. and life. 

dear bay area drivers, y'all are cray cray! please stop being so insane when you drive. for reals. how are there not more accidents? we're all trying to get somewhere, you don't need to get all crazy lane changing, speeding, merging with an inch to spare, all up in my bumper. thank you.

dear chickens, just because we haven't named you doesn't mean we don't love you.

dear friday night lights, i know, i know, i'm late to the game. but you are my fave right now. so good. why did i put you off for so long? 

dear grey's anatomy, you are so lame, drama, over the top and ridiculous, but i still watch you.

dear instagram, i am kind of obsessed.

dear under eye wrinkles and dark circles and other age induced skin weirdnesses that make me look 85, can you please slow down already? i'm not kidding.

dear whoever will listen, i always used to say "save the drama for your mama," but now i've decided i kind of hate that saying, since the mama is me, and they do save all their drama.

dear 4 years old, i like you a whole lot better than those threes we left behind. stay around for a while!

dear backyard, i wish there was a landscaping fairy that could make you look like you were on page 45 of sunset magazine. until then, i promise we will make you pretty someday. hang tight.

dear friday, you're the best.

xo, me


  1. Dear Susannah, loving your blog always. Happy Friday right back at you.

  2. i love FNL, just finished the final season on watch instantly. i love Greys, and totally agree on the OVER-the-TOP-drama-rama. and instagram, i too am obsessed!
    happy weekend to you.

  3. aw, thanks friends! kim- so good, right? it was on my mental list forever of to watch shows, but finally started when i ran out of other fun shows. love it. i'm going sloooowly-one episode at a time :)

  4. How about Beyonce for one of the chickens? another suggestion, Pickles.

  5. Did you see this post about FNL? Great stuff!


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