Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this is not just the little m show

that's right, little miss i-just-turned-two-years-old & i'm-a-big-girl ruby is ready to show her stuff:

(p.s. my favorite thing is that since she's learned her abc's from imitating and singing with m, 
she makes the same mistake. 
m always misses t-u-v; ruby does the same exact thing.
p.p.s. i love my girls)


  1. awesome. I love her monocle too BTW.

    1. hahaha i know- awesome right? every two year old needs a monocle.

  2. so cute! I just watched this and Ella came running over, "that Ruby, that Ruby!" then proceeded to say,"hi Ruby" over and over until the video was over. so glad, they have a little friendship!

  3. Loving the Ruby. xxx


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