Wednesday, July 4, 2012


the fourth of july, truncated version:
all morning we cleaned the house. fun times (no photo, all, sorry.)

then, while i made plum and nectarine salsa, i sang along to u2 for a long time.
made me happy & matt kindly obliged:
aforementioned salsas:
we went to our friends' house for independence day festivities.
they have the best assortment of succulents!
while we were there someone asked me about what my blog was about. 
i don't know- it's kind of random, like me. i said my kids, food, life...
throw in some deafness & art & celebrity trash and i'd say that covers it!

little m & all the other girls were enamored with the real-live teenager that was there. 
she was followed around all afternoon and evening by five little girls, all obsessed with her.
ruby decked out in red white & blue, showing me her picture pose
late at night (yep, as in 10:30 or so), matt and m sat out in the front yard 
watching all of our neighbors set of fireworks.
who needs the city fireworks when you live where i do?
clean house, yummy food, good friends, and sparkles in the sky!
it was a good day.
happy fourth of july!


  1. I just saw this video of all the Oakland fireworks being set off. Made me laugh at how many there were everywhere!

    1. this is so my world- thanks natalie ;)

  2. boom is right. i could listen to U2 all year long. also, i want to go to a lake. thanks for that.

  3. that, sounds like a whole day of loveliness. i can't wait to see ruby in all her toddler glory next month...i feel like she was still working her way into her personality last time we were there. and now she is ALL ruby. just like her sister is ALL monrovia. love it.


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