Monday, July 23, 2012

please excuse this interruption

here's my little family:
we need a little solo hangtime today, y'all.
in the last month...
we've had a glorious week of vacation in tahoe, launched back into m's summer school at her deaf school, had far away family staying with us, then family watching our girls so matt and i could get away for EIGHT days, and lastly, five teenagers staying at our house this past week as sort of an alternative to summer camp (which means matt & i provided the programming).

phew! good things, all good things.


my house is a mess
my blog is neglected
i have deadlines to get to
and about 590 emails to return

but my girls desperately need some mommy-attention-&-nothing-to-do-and-no-one-to-see-time today.

can't wait to share some of the last month's adventures with you, but for now?
off to play with my girls.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks jennifer- how has your gauntlet of out of town visitors been going?

  2. suuuuper cute family photo. blow that one up and frame!

  3. You had eight days to yourself?!?! Do they want three more kids to watch?! ;)

  4. i feel ya, sistah. all good things. glad to hear you are taking some time to slow it down and hang tight and low. see you in a month. xo


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