Tuesday, July 3, 2012

you. guys.

a. being on vacation is way better than real life

b. i want s'mores right now

c. how can genetics predispose me to so many under eye wrinkles and bags. for. the. love. (see above photo in case you protest)

d. tonight we had fancy dinner, as conceived and executed by m. we raided her dress up clothes, i threw on a dress and lots of mis-matching accessories and matt donned a tie and crown. (apparently fancy is also synonymous with royal) then m set the table with what she considered to be fancy. good times until ruby had a meltdown & the girls marched up to bed, and somewhere in there ruby bit my leg (yes, i said bit).

e. i used to love fireworks. then i lived in oakland and there are enough fireworks per capita to put me in an early grave, or in the very least experience heart palpatations. in case you are wondering, my street sounds like world war 3. not a fan.

f. have you gone to any of your high school reunions? i went to my 20th this weekend (see under eye wrinkles under c.) and although that could be a post in and of itself, suffice it to say: i am glad i went. there were a bunch of no shows who i would've loved to see, but it was good to see the people i did. and also, this is my question: is it really a compliment when people say, "you look exactly the same as you did in high school!" let me remind you that i graduated in 1992. so that era was maybe not the best for one's personal appearance looking optimal. braided belts and boxers as shorts ring a bell for anyone?

g. also, i read the second and third hunger games books last week. bam.

h. yesterday was my mom's birthday. she's lovely & amazing, y'all.

i. how can my children utterly exasperate me & be adorable all in the same day? killing me. lest you think they are this cute all the time-
you are wrong. that's only part of the time.
but when they're cute, they're pretty cute.

i'll leave you on that note,
to the tune of fireworks exploding all around.


  1. Umm I am so with you on the eye wrinkles. I have them too! Any time I smile (literally, every time!) I get squinty eyes, wrinkles, and crow's feet on the sides of my eyes.

    But you know what, I'm smiling, and if I'm smiling for something then you know it must mean I'm happy. So if I'm happy then who cares about the eye wrinkles?!

  2. i frequently remark "it is lucky they are so damn cute..." kids. i think you are lovely, by the way, under eye wrinkles and all. xoxo

  3. How are there fireworks exploding at 2:30 in the afternoon? But, the jack london 4th of july celebration redeemed Oakland 4th of July for me. It was ridiculously fun. Go Oakland.


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