Friday, May 20, 2016

hit me with your best shot

talk to me, non-commenters.
i need new music and podcasts for the following times in my day, and i'd rather ask you real live humans rather than depending on pandora like i am now. so tell me...
suggestions for:

  • when i'm working in my studio 
  • when i'm running
  • when i'm doing another non-running workout situation
music i want: music to fall into (studio time), music that makes me want to move (when i exercise)

podcasts i currently like: this american life (duh), the moth, undisclosed, miscellaneous ones on npr one app, the mystery show, creative pep talk, serial, modern love, and radiolab. 

ok, your turn!


  1. When is Mystery Show coming back??? I should listen to the Belt Buckle again.

    Check out, "I Was There, too." And you might like "Wits."

  2. For working in studio, running, anything...Love, Liberty, Disco.


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