Monday, May 16, 2016

sneak peek! aka want to help us name our chickens?

we went to get some new chicks yesterday!
we brought home eight of them! we got two each of four different varieties, and are hoping to get two more. plus we are taking home the cute chicks from ruby's class to get them ready to go to my brother's coop and my mom's coop. i really wanted to buy all of teh chicks, but we don't really like on a farm after all, so eight cuties it was.
 someone is very excited. she should just be called the animal whisperer, because ruby loves her some animals.
and don't worry, she still loves our four year old chickens too. well, i should amend that to say that she still loves sweet rose cake, who has had her heart from day one of living in our house.
 they are ridiculously cute, and they peep constantly.
 i kind of want to call this one cookies and cream.

break from my studio to say hello to this cutie!

next up? naming them! any ideas?


  1. You should name one Barry Gibb. Chicken Little -> Dancing Chicken -> Disco -> Barry Gibb. I know, I have a gift.


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