Tuesday, May 31, 2016


m has the best, most amazing audiologist, sarah. she is the person who sat across from us as we held a squirming newborn and told us that our baby had profound hearing loss. she's also gotten us out of countless cochlear implant emergencies, lets me texts her at any time, and has the best toys of any medical office. (which is good when you have to lug two kids to an appointment and m's appointments can be hours long.) she's genuine and generous and gives so much to the families she works with. 

in short? we love, love, love her. 
at m's last appointment, while sarah was working on programming her new implants, m was doodling, and decided to draw sarah a picture to put up in her office. keep in mind that at times monrovia flips some of the letters when she is writing words, since sounding out is still a struggle for her. 

my sweet, big-hearted girl was working away and wrote this:
yes, that's right. instead of writing superhero? take one more look. 
monrovia earnestly passed her sign to sarah & said "you can put this up in your office!"; unable to suppress our laughter, all the adults in the room started laughing (monrovia was totally confused.)

and just like that sarah has a new nickname in her office. 

(ps sarah really is a superhero)

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