Monday, May 2, 2016

oh hey!

sidebar: once upon a time i wrote this post. january 1st, to be exact, but apparently i never posted it. 
it just languished here in the land of drafts and i forgot to hit the publish button. 
be kind, rewind and check out this time capsule from 4 months ago.

happy january! 
while we are here whooping it up and grandma and papa's house, let's take stock.

goodbye to these parts of 2015: 
-apologizing too much 
-those extra pounds that joined my other extra pounds
-wasting too much time on social media
-trips to the grocery store with my children between 4-5:30 PM
-staying up too late
-yelling at my kids 

hello 2016! this year i want more of this:
-sweating it out 
-problem solving with my children
-big ole paintings
-backyard happy hours
-dance parties
-long dinners with friends
-loungy time with magazines

here's to a new year, my friends! wishing you less of (fill in the blank) and more of (same same)

what's up your sleeve for the new year?

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