Saturday, April 11, 2009

dear blog,

i miss you.

um, more to follow. i promise.

yours truly,



  1. dear susannah,
    you're funny, (not as funny as amy) but funny.
    i miss you too.
    i understand though, you have a lot going on.
    you're like the conductor of a massive orchestra. and you're keeping all the players on task and on time.

    so i'll be here when you have a moment.
    can't wait to show off the photos of the house you've been working on emptying.

    or maybe photos of your daughter's birthday?
    or maybe photos of your easter celebration?
    whatever it is, i'm here for you.

    your blog.

  2. dang.... Your blog beat me to it. I was getting my letter all ready! Haha. Oh well, next time.

  3. we miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I miss you too, and love you tons and bunches

  5. um, lots of anonymity going on.

    ok, life is CrAZY right now- and i have so much to blog about, so any day now, i'll write more....

  6. Who you calling anonymous, Ms. Cockroach?

  7. how's little m doing with the implants. i am really wondering...hoping she's adjusting and dying to know what the process is like

  8. what a long break- are you not keeping your promise!
    hope everythings ok
    love you bunches

  9. haha guess I'll go with the flow and post anonymously, we miss you bunches & bunches! hope you come back soon........... love to all

  10. All of this anonymous posting is scaring me. I started off laughing, but am now confused.

    Please help.

    Oh, and if you have time, I think I might have a little bloggy proposal for you.


  11. um, don't worry francesca, the anonymous posting i don't get either.

    propose away. even though as you can see i am the worst blogger ever the last two weeks. life=too insane...


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