Monday, April 20, 2009

splish splash

kids get dirty. 
so when we visited our friends kim and jeremy a few weeks ago, our dirty kids took a bath.
small, medium, and large.
(my daughter looks like she has been laying out with the hawaiian tropic slathered on)
sweet faced eli and amos share their tub.
how is it that roro hates bath time when she is all by herself, 
but loves it when i throw her in the tub with two other kids?

(little m isn't quite sure how to handle water in her eyes)
love it.


  1. the expression on m's face in that last photo is priceless. yay for fun bath time!

  2. I am laughing my a** off. Such a cute post! Love the first photo comments! LOL!!!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Thanks so much for following my blog, I love meeting new people through this blogging world. And, bath tub pictures are classic, good job on capturing the moments that will make your kids laugh when they are older.

  4. SO cute. These pictures make my heart sing. I know I am a sucker for all things Little M, so you can of course understand that I would gush more than just a little on the close-ups of her.

    Bath time is the best time.



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