Monday, April 20, 2009

my little rockstar

(so close to walking!)

you may have noticed that i took a bit of a hiatus from the blog...
life has been full.
matt and i have been scrambling, helping my mom get the house my parents' lived in 
packed up, cleaned out, and ready to sell. 
to say that it is a big job would be an understatement.
to say that it is our full time job right now (in addition to matt's already full time job)
would be an understatement.
to say that it is overwhelming would be an understatement.

in the meantime, our poor little m has had quite the weird life. 
most days she naps and goes to sleep at the house while i am working there, and then late at night we pull her heavy, sleeping body out of the pack n' play, put her in the carseat, drive home, and then put her back down again in her crib. she has rotated through multiple babysitters - kind friends who have offered to watch her so i can get work done, which means meals and naps in all sorts of locations. 

and yet, my flexible daughter still rocks.

she is joyful, silly, able to sleep pretty much anywhere, 
and willing to go to most anyone who will play with her.

soon we will have a day where she gets two naps in her own crib, play at the park or visit one of her little friends, walk to peets and get a treat, or do absolutely nothing all day but play on the floor, eat in her own chair in our kitchen, and then sleep in her crib on schedule.
for now, 
i am thankful that she puts up with the craziness.


  1. you inspire me. seriously. every day. thank you honey.

  2. she is a rockstar. i really admire resilience in a person, and isn't it amazing how much our little sweeties have innately? blows my mind.

  3. she's so sweet. oh how I wish Aiden would wear those dang processors on his ears! she's adorable.

  4. I love the pictures. Even the tub ones with her pals. I think it's cool that she is your little rockstar and her disposition is allowing you to get things done. I have been to two estate sales in the last week. From these two sales and chatting with the adult children, all of said the work is more than you can imagine. It makes me want to purge as I go, so my children will not be left with a daunting job.


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