Thursday, April 2, 2009

my daughter's moves

little m's target: adorable younger (by 4 months) man, henry david.
she makes her move and beckons for henry to come play with her.
henry is woo-ed by her boldness & crawls towards m
henry make sit all the way across the room to sidle up to little m, 
where they share the toy box 
(which everyone knows means true love)


  1. Those pictures are too cute! I love reading your blog just to see all the great shots you take!

    Question ... does m struggle with you when putting on her processors? I cannot, for the life of me, get Aiden to keep them on his ears! Pilot caps are not working either! So he has all this equipment hanging down, which in turn pulls the coils off, which means mommy is constantly following baby around to put the coils back on his head! It must be a good workout because I'm totally beat by the end of the day! AHHH! Any suggestions??

  2. that is my boy. I will gladly be Monrovia's father-in-law. Where do I sign?


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