Thursday, April 2, 2009


sometimes my heart is sad when i realize how much my daughter is in appointments. i know it is just a season, and that soon she will rarely visit doctors and audiologists and speech therapists. soon she'll just get to be a kid. i have to say that the people we have encountered in so many different offices are absolutely wonderful; it is as much of a joy as it can be to go to our pediatrician, or labs, or specialists, or school. there are some incredible individuals working in the world of hearing loss, and for that gift i am so grateful. 

i keep saying to myself and others, "soon it will all slow down. not so many appointments..." but somehow they keep coming. this week is a perfect example, as we have had appointments all morning wednesday, today, and tomorrow. i put my poor girl into her car seat at 8 am, and then two appointments later, we pulled back into our driveway at 1:41 pm. almost 6 hours in medical offices or in the car. one of her appointments included a blood draw, and she was 3 hours past her nap, so she screamed her little heart out while i pinned her squirming body down on the table. (crunch went my heart)

in the midst of it all, she is so flexible and charming. i am grateful. so thankful for her joy even when the day is long and the schedule is ever-changing.


  1. omg! this picture is adorable! just want to pinch those cheeks!

  2. I totally understand what you mean. I also get really sick and tired of all the appointments. However, think of how blessed we are that our deaf children can go to these specialists!

    (Love the pic!)

  3. oh sweet friend- you're paying such a price now but is so worth it... hang in there! we'll help monrovia say thank you a LOT when she's older =)

  4. Sioux - I totally feel for you - we are on the same page on this one. I hate how often we go to the doctor as well. Jacob knows the nurses and his way around the various offices/doctors more than his own friend's houses. We have 5 apts this week, a CT scan at Childrens next week and I may deliver next week as well. Too bad we aren't in the same city and could just meet up for "play dates" at the various offices & hospitals. I would like that :)


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