Tuesday, May 12, 2009

may 12th

(checking out the book selection in daddy's office)

today little m turned 13 whole months old!

as i write this she is sprawled across her crib, sound asleep, peaceful as can be. of course, she spends her waking hours in a constant state of movement: she is a little explosion of energy! every day she is closer and closer to actual, for reals walking; she is taking a step or two and then reaching out her arms as far as they can possibly reach before plopping her little bum down on the floor. she is still obsessed with books- especially ones that have flaps or textures, and she's also a huge fan of all toys that emit sound. if you had asked me a year ago, before her birth, if i would be all about noisy baby toys? i would have said, um, NO. alas, we have a cacophony of battery operated plastic noise producing toys. kind of funny.

in all of the mayhem of working on my parents' house i haven't had the chance to share all of the moments of hearing that little m has had since her cochlear implants were activated almost two months ago. it still amazes me when an airplane passes overhead and she pauses because she has heard it. or when someone knocks at the front door and she turns to look at the door. or when she hits the chicken button on her musical farm from her auntie lydia and she starts dancing to the music. or when i say bye-bye and she starts waving with just the verbal cue. or when i say her name and she turns towards me. or when she starts babbling mamamamama. it is a miracle every time. it is these "mundane" moments, many of which i would hardly recognize (much less celebrate) if little m had been born a typical hearing child, that are gifts. 


  1. It's definitely the little things that matter right now, and I don't think they will ever get old!

  2. it was funny to me. i was so mezmorized by how much she can hear and be aware of. then again, i'm not around her every day. but it's great that you still notice & love all of those things even you ARE around her every day :)

  3. happy teary-ness over here - because i think i understand a little of what your mamaheart is feeling for little m's hearing moments. i don't think i'll ever tire of or take for granted viv noticing sounds. our bathroom is being remodeled - the other day they were drilling something on the other side of the house and vivian grabbed my leg, nervous for the new sound. i'd never want her to be scared, of course, but i was so thankful she noticed the sound, recognized it as something new and reacted to it...

  4. sooz you are such a great writer. i love reading your blog. let's get it published.

  5. love "hearing" about all she's hearing! yahoo!


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