Sunday, May 10, 2009

{a thank you to all kinds of "moms"}

here's to moms:

brand new moms,

moms who have been moms longer than i have been on this earth,
our friends who journey as moms along side us,
moms who we adopt,
or who adopt us,
moms who birth us,
love us,
know us, 
live different lives because of those they mother,
put up with us through many stages {not all of them good ones},
pray for us,
make us lunches, tie our shoes, & change our diapers,
play with us, 
balance their dreams and our own,
hold us while we cry & laugh with us in the ridiculous,
moms who champion us despite our insecurities,
teach us to live courageously,
who forgive us in the many times we fail,
who mother again and again across bloodline & generation,
and who model grace, beauty and strength to us through the integrity of their daily lives.

{happy mother's day}


  1. Susannah, this is so lovely.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. your blog is so wonderful! you amaze me. i'm not joking that God uses you, sooz, to inspire, motivate, challenge and delight me! i'm so grateful to know you! thanks for sharing your heart/life!


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