Wednesday, May 13, 2009

someone's going to be...

a cousin!
a mama!

little m has been a little lonely, 
but her aunt rebecca and uncle mark are expecting 
their own little monkey come the end of october, 
so now little m will have a cousin
to play with & teach the ropes of life! 

we can't wait to meet your new little one, and welcome him or her into the family!


  1. congrats to Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard this over the weekend and was SO excited :)

  2. cousins rock! :)

    I heard (from Fran of 3 Bay B Chicks) that I would like you. And since she's always right, I thought I should stop by and meet you. And yes, I like you already.

    HI! My name is Heather and I cry often too. (;

  3. Congratulations to Rebecca and Mark! What fun news.

  4. The oldest cousin is always cool, too.


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