Monday, May 11, 2009

a little supercute to start your day

i have a special place in my heart for artichokes. 

many years ago, when matt and i were hanging out in the emotional wasteland between friendship and dating, we were working in his garden one afternoon. well, to be accurate, i was sitting on a stump talking (shocking, i know), while he was weeding, harvesting and otherwise attending to his vegetables. {it kind of works the same way years later, in case you are wondering. i am pretty good at sitting and talking to him to this very day.} at some point in the afternoon, matt gave me the first flower of our relationship: a blooming artichoke flower. i think i had stopped overanalyzing his every move at this point - are we just friends? or more than friends?- and so when we headed back down to the house for dinner, i abandoned the flower on the stump, and forgot about it.

a couple of years later, when matt proposed (an entire day's worth of treasure hunting, which included a lot of adventuring, snacking, & little present opening!!!), one of the gifts i opened was that very same artichoke. matt had dried it, saved it, and wrapped it up for me. we still have it, and i walk by it every day in our hallway; it reminds me of so many parts of matt that i first fell (& am still knee deep) in love with. 

our wedding invitations were little books: letterpressed on the cover was an artichoke & enclosed in the book was our story of wandering from friendship towards marriage...

well, our friends luke and jennifer {who you may remember from here + here because they are in our book club} are both thoughtful and generous, and they got little m the cutest freaking onesie this weekend! it hails from a little lark in portland, oregon, and it has an artichoke silkscreened on it! (i kind of love it.) you know how when you buy something new and cute you wear it the second you get home? well, i put this on little m less than 12 hours after luke and jennifer brought it over. and just maybe most of those 12 hours involved little m sound asleep. it is that cute, people.

see? i told you.


  1. I love artichokes, and that onesie is really freakin cute!

  2. i adore this story and love that you and matt have such a tangible symbol for your relationship - one that looks so absolutely perfect on a onesie, but especially perfect on little m.


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