Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i got slammed by a toothache on sunday night. 
couldn't sleep all night and then the pain just got worse yesterday, but luckily my dentist squeezed me in between patients long enough to say, "well at least you can open your mouth..." (um, BARELY) actually she was very, very nice and after examining me, she immediately sent me off to the surgeon to schedule an emergency wisdom tooth removal. unfortunately, i had to go straight to the surgeon; no time to pass go or collect the vicodin and antibiotics that she'd prescribed.

so, good thing i was off to take care of the problem at the root of it all (literally), but the pain just kept getting worse. i was in so much pain at appointment number two with the surgeon that i threw up all over. yes- it was not high on my list of proud moments; the nurse stepped out to get me a 7-up after i said i felt queasy and all of a sudden i threw up: in my hands and all over the nice carpet. sorry to be graphic.

{wow. kind of humiliating. so now tack on embarrassment to pain. throw in some guilt too: the fact that i had planned on getting my wisdom teeth pulled after m was born but hadn't gotten round to it in the midst of last year's craziness and now i was in lots of pain because i hadn't?}

i met with the very nice surgeon, who told me how jacked up my teeth were since i'd never gotten the wisdom teeth removed, which i already knew, but it is always demoralizing to hear it from an expert. (mental note: one more reason i hope little m gets matt's metabolism and pretty, straight teeth)

so now first thing tomorrow morning- bright and early at 6 am, i will get all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. the timing feels pretty ridiculous, since we are in the home stretch with all of the house stuff, and this week was supposed to be the final push, but what can i do?

things i am thankful for today:
  • dentists
  • vicodin
  • antibiotics
  • a brother who emergency babysat so that i could go to the dentist sans little m
  • a husband who takes care of me when i feel like death
  • a mom who came and rocked little m time so that i could sleep all afternoon and night
  • a sister who brings me treats: trashy celebrity magazines and fun movies to watch
  • my bed
  • amazing dental coverage (who knew!?) so that out of the $2500 surgery i only have to pay $130
hope you are having a happy, pain free tuesday! 
don't forget to floss!


  1. feel better. eats lots of pudding!

  2. I threw up in the middle of my wisdom tooth extraction (while laying back, mouth wide)...we had to stop, I had to borrow a scrub top from the surgeon, they cleaned the chair, and then they proceded to remove the other 2. When I went back for my followup visit and returned the scrub top, the medical assistant said "oh, your the one." That was mortifying.

  3. oh brother! Sooz, i am soooo sorry. that sounds awful. I hope you are doing ok and resting up. scary that stuff like Vicodin can be a life saver, but honestly, who wants to suffer "naturally"?!! i don't know how the Scientologists do it. feel better soon!!!!!

  4. Sick.

    But what a good story.

    Feel better! Hang in there.

  5. Oh no, Sweet friend! Hoping as I type this you are feeling better. I totally empathize, having had a wisdom tooth "situation" many years ago. Take care of you.


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