Wednesday, May 13, 2009


is my friend kim's birthday.
here she is with her jeremy.

she is kind of amazing:
warm, funny, wise, silly, tenderhearted, beautiful, passionate, soulful, the queen of all multi-taskers, nurturing, a handful (like me), a good crying partner if you need a cry, a good laughing partner if you need to laugh, partial to good coffee and good desserts (you wonder why we are friends?!), one of those friends who has shared life with you for a good long while and isn't going anywhere. oh, and she leaves pretty fantastic & long messages on my phone that make me feel like we just had an entire heart to heart conversation.
she is so much more than this little list i just wrote.

she is kind of far away.
i miss her.
but there is a strong chance my daughter may marry one of her sons
so i'm not too worried about the long term consequences of living half of california away.

happy day, kimmie!


  1. You were able to write what I have been trying to communicate for years! Thank you Suzie for giving Kim this blessing; because we both know every one of those attributes is true and she deserves thanks!

  2. so true malka. see, you can give her hugs in person and i can give her written hugs from far away ;)


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