Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(16 months)

little m is 16 months old today!
she is quite the monkey these days...
full of personality, sounds and new talents.
she is obsessed with climbing up and down stairs, 
walking (and trying to run),
saying "uh-oh" with a shrug when she drops something or doesn't know what to do, 
playing peekaboo and tag,
taking the book from you to "read" all by herself,
pulling out all of the tupperware,
banging on her drum and dancing to music,
playing with bigger kids,
eating anything and everything,
pointing up at the airplanes she hears,
and squirming out of your arms to go do her own thing.

she is hearing more and more every day, and making new sounds all the time.
it still is a miracle to me 
every time she turns to my voice, responds to the sound of her name, makes new noises that i have never heard come out of her mouth, tries to mimic a sound or when she dances to music.
i don't think it will ever get old.
she is 16 months of wonderful.


  1. No, it never gets old. It's a lifetime of everyday miracles. We're lucky, eh?

  2. happy happy and I agree with never gets old...even in the sassy moments!

  3. That top picture of little m makes me think of grandmother S as a child -- only her pics were more sober.
    aunt fe

  4. Briggs and Little M are SO close in age and it's so fun to read about her! Briggs was 15 months August 6th so they literally are a few weeks apart in age and are on their hearing journey at the same time. It's SO easy to get wrapped up in their little voices and new sounds. FUN!

  5. 16 months of wonderful...

    so perfectly put! happy 16 month birthday, m. viv and i can't wait to see you again soon, friend!

  6. so honored to hear monrovia's uh-oh, and watch her dance to my drumming... i heart momo x

  7. I've just spent some time catching up here with you. Summer has kept me from doing that very often. I'm sorry to hear about your dad...and so glad to hear about the good results for your baby girl!

    Can I call her a baby at 16 months. I think YES. :)

    She really is a miracle. And so is summer. And so is grace.


  8. I love every single piece of this post! Beautiful. Just beautiful.


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