Thursday, August 20, 2009


(monday - little m, post clean up and medical attention)

apparently, vacation isn't vacation without a trip to urgent care. 

little m decided it would be fun to land on a stone fireplace. i should clarify- little m's front teeth and lower lip decided it would be fun to land on a stone fireplace. in a split second, after hearing the sound of her teeth hitting stone, it felt like GALLONS of blood came gushing out of her mouth. seriously. matt and i were both freaking out because the gash went all the way through her lip- from the inside to the outside. and, her teeth looked like they had been pushed into her gums. it was all very lovely- mopping up all the blood as she screamed her head off, matt running up the hill to get our car, racing to find the hospital. in the end, we have to clean her up a lot and give her some ointment, and hope that her teeth are ok. meanwhile, my daughter looks like the daughter of angelina jolie - just wipe off the snot and clean her up a bit and her lips look quite voluptuous!


  1. OH NO! Asher did this very thing (with a table rather than a fireplace though) SO much blood. And his teeth looked funny too, but then they were fine.

    So scary. I'm glad she's OK now, that little Angelina. :)

  2. I have come across many blogs and they have all been helpful but I must say I really like yours not only are you showing others your journey with a daughter with deafness but you are sharing your life, feelings, and being real. It is nice.


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