Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summer means....

(fresh corn)
(homegrown strawberries)
(painted toes & barefeet & flipflops)
(backyard time watching the neighbors' whirlygigs)
(longtime friends visiting from far away)
(a garden that is bursting with veggies)
(lots of water breaks)
(visits to the audiologist & the sound booth...and better and better results!)
(yummy time at the ferry building in san francisco)
(burgers that remind you why burgers are so good)
(unrestrained laughter)
(and more visits to the rooftop garden/cafe at sfmoma)
(roasting marshmallows...and s'mores!)
(celebrations al fresco!)

(you may have noticed there has been a little less of me!
we have been having internet issues for the past few weeks and now we are on vacation!)
i'll be posting, but a little less frequently (maybe only a couple of times a week...)

happy summer!


  1. 25-35 with the CI? Not bad -- that's where we are! I'm guessing that's pure tones. What does she get on speech? Anyway, enjoy your vacation.

  2. julia,

    4 of her electrodes shorted out on her right ear, so she has a new map and her last appointment had to be rescheduled..so we don't know yet! but it's true- she is doing really well! much better this time now that those electrodes are turned off!


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