Wednesday, August 26, 2009


we are very lucky to get 4 entire weeks of vacation a year (well, matt does, and since i am self employed, i can decide my schedule) we've taken three weeks this august. the first week of our vacation matt planned the entire thing so i never knew day to day what we were doing. it was kind of a stay-cation, but we took day trips, so then i decided it was a day-cation. throughout the week i realized that since matt was planning our activities it was quite food-centric, so i coined it a food-cation. 

my mom is a teacher, and has off in the summer ("off" being a relative word, since my mom is in constant motion and works on projects at all hours and all times), so she took care of little m for the week more or less. we did stop home to check in with her and had a day where we were with her all day, but she mostly spent the week with grandma.

i've been meaning to post some of the pictures from our foodcation... we started the week in big sur! which is where, 7 years ago, we got engaged. it was fabulous!

the view from our hotel room
so grey and peaceful

time to read & talk & enjoy our fireplace
i was in a happy place...reading magazines in the bath while drinking wine with no little m wanting to hang with her mama
um, hello- how fun is that!?

we ate multiple times in 24 hours at the big sur bakery & restaurant.

amazing. delicious. and worth a drive down (or up) highway 1
more time to sit
(do you like that half of the photos on my blog contain food although it is not a food blog?)
nice to sit in the sunshine & linger over my latte
we kept ordering more treats to share
matt's happy place involves whole milk. 
his tea must have whole milk to be epic, so needless to say...he was content.

on our way home we ate there for breakfast, and then...
stayed long enough to eat lunch!
we migrated inside to one of their long wooden tables (i want one for our backyard) and enjoyed a delicious lunch, complete with creme brulee for dessert.
we bought a cookbook from their restaurant, so if you are too lazy to drive there, 
come over to my house and i'll make you a yummy meal!

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  1. Love the pics.

    And all the talk of food.

    I'm so glad you got a vacation.


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