Tuesday, August 25, 2009

final days of summer

(the mid-day beach scene outside our window)
we are enjoying our last week of vacation with friends at a beach house in san diego.

somehow we missed the memo on the prerequisites for staying here:
  • for females: lower back tattoo, string bikini, jogging down beach barefoot in aforementioned bikini, surgical enhancement, and a flat tummy that has not seen pregnancy
  • for males: shirtless, a tribal or barbed wire tattoo along bicep, a large plastic cup of beer accompanying you at all times unless surfing & the evidence of a lot of time spent at the gym
but i digress. 
and the reality is that aside from matt and jeremy's tattoos (which are neither tribal nor barbed in nature), we kind of fail to live up to any of those attributes. 
our condo - 4 adults and 3 kids full - is full of activity, lots of fun and right on the beach.

a few moments from our week so far:
post beach daze
eli concentrates on his puzzle
enjoying the view from our window while i drink morning coffee
race between eli and his mama, kim, to finish their puzzles
(complete with trash talk from a three year old:
"i'm gonna work you!")
iced drinks & sunshine while the husbands stay home with napping children
random trivia: i love straws
random silliness...

and some glorious time playing on the beach
until the sun slipped beneath the water
and the light faded


  1. oh, how i love vacation with best friends. this looks amazing. i'm glad you're getting this time.

    p.s. i had a dream about you and your daughter (and maybe your husband?) last night. we were friends. but i accidentally called you "Roro" instead of your daughter and i felt weird about it.

  2. You are quite the artist ... your pictures and your words just bring a calming sense to me. Thank you for sharing. Little m is so cute; I just love her "fluffy" cheeks!

  3. why did i just start tearing up at the photo of monrovia on the beach with the sunset? it's so beautiful to me and she's out exploring the world!


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