Thursday, August 20, 2009

lazy days of summer

we are still enjoying the beauty and peace of lake tahoe! 
alas, tomorrow morning we head home. 
(although i can't complain- we still have one more precious week of vacation left, which we will spend on the other end of the state in san diego)
a few glimpses of our moments here...
in matt's opinion, south lake tahoe trips are not complete without a trip (or two) to red hut
little m was quite happy here. a high school football team was eating behind us, and she was completely enamored by them...something about their t-shirts strategically cut into tank tops showing off their entire midsection must have done it for her? (yikes. really? how are homemade sleeveless tank top situations a good look? very 1986 midwest small town if you ask me....)
(yummy breakfast about to show up on our table)
little m even got her own plate of deliciousness
lake tahoe also = lots of cooking, which also means improvising with a stripped down kitchen
roro and daddy time
meals out on the deck overlooking the lake
matt only brings about 46 books every time we leave the house- and this time was no exception
time to hang out in the sun
(if matt looks pained it's only because he is trying to read in peace while m naps and i keep interrupting him... {shocking})
old mossy stone stairs leading up from our cabin
warm deck
diet coke, writing, catching up, reading to little m
cozy cabin
splashing in the cold water of lake tahoe
i am not a super huge fan of bodies of water, 
but luckily it seems little m has inherited the swimming-is-fun and the fearless genes

snacks in the sunshine
our little sumo wrestler playing with crayons 

it's amazing how being in a specific place brings back memories. this is the same spot where one of my best friend's had her rehearsal dinner, the exact cove where matt and i came for part of our honeymoon, and where we came and stayed in a cabin with dear friends a few summers ago. to be enjoying a week away from the busyness of life, and also to remember a history of enjoying this place is renewing. there are still things on our minds from life at home; all has not stopped just because we are away for a few days, but being in a space outside of oakland has been a gift. remembering special moments in the past has also been a gift. i'm thankful for so much.


  1. hiya! so glad you're having a great time in tahoe! i love your pictures-such little glimpes really paint the picture well :)
    i noticed the book on the deck is "baby's first 100 words" it's still abby's favorite and she's 3!

    oh this is kacie's friend rose by the way :)

    enjoy the rest of your vacation! look forward to more posts :)

  2. love this post! everything summer should be. hope little m's little hurt lip is doing okay...miss you guys! (but not sad that I missed duck-foot floating in fat flavorings. i get to see that extravaganza in the fridge on sunday. can't wait. really.)


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