Monday, November 23, 2009

one year

wow. a lot happens in a year. 
a year ago today my dear friend amy had her sweet little baby judah
here we are,
nancy, amy and i, post baby.
these roommates (and by roommate i mean cram-together-and-get-ready-in-one-bathroom, crawl-into each-other's-beds-and-talk-about-boy traumas, laugh-and-cry-and-fight-together,be each-others-emergency-contacts-and-number-one-fans as opposed to pick-some-random-rent-payer-up-on-craigslist roommate.) are my very dear, with history, shared joy and sorrow friends. so roommate carries even more weight than to say my friend. to say my roommate is to say my sister, my family.

when we roommates all got pregnant 4 months apart 
matt rolled his eyes, 
shook his head, and said "you three can't do anything by yourselves." 
why would we want to do anything by ourselves when we can do it together? 
luckily having kids that are at the most 8 months apart 
also ensures that little m is guaranteed a prom date.

here we are, as of a year ago, all of us mommies.

happy birthday judah!
then i realized maybe i should include david, 
since he is the daddy, with his sweet brand new baby boy, circa november 23 2008.
yay for roommates, babies, birthdays and histories that intertwine!


  1. awesome photos. #1 i look like death. #2 looks like i birthed an alien. love you friend. thanks for the love on my birthing-day and judah's birthday

  2. Micah has dibs on Roro for Prom. Judah-don't even try and steal her. i love you guys. Benevides Babes and Benevides babies rock!


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