Friday, June 11, 2010

happy to you

little m hasn't quite mastered singing happy birthday. instead the variation she sings goes, "happy to you (fill in birthday girl or boy's name).."

she could sing happy to you to two very special friends of mine who celebrated another year of amazingness this week: kendra and hannah.

{hannah and her daughter vivian}
hannah and i have been friends for over a year now. our girls go to school together and little m and vivian constantly amaze us with their tenacity and spunk! hannah has taught me so much about perspective, kindness, and creativity. i love watching her as a mom - she is patient, silly, adventurous, persistent and a champion of her daughter. she comes up with super fun ways to spend her days with vivian, and reminds me to savor every moment of being a mommy. she has been such an encouragement and gift to me this last year & today i celebrate her inner and outer beauty, her resilience, her great style, her grace & authenticity, and her ability to love well. she may not teach in the classroom full time anymore, but she teaches me so much just by being herself. happy to you, sweet friend. i am so grateful for you (and your gift of a daughter. i love her snuggly, lovey, feisty self.)
{kendra with baby ruby}

i've known kendra for over 10 years now! (wow, crazy.) she, too, has taught me about being a good mom from her very first days of mothering twins. she is one of those people who makes parenting look effortless (even when she had TWO newborns!) she laughs so much with her kids, and she takes them on marvelous adventures just because. she is another mom who teaches me so much about how to love kids just by being herself. she made me want to be a mom by the ways she kept her identity but still rocked mom-hood with humor & creativity & sassiness. kendra is extremely thoughtful in big and little ways. i kid you not, she is even my personal shopper- calling me when she spots something that she thinks i'd like and picking it up for me. (i have a cute new pair of black flats thanks to her keen & bargain hunting eye!) she puts up with my tendency to text instead of call, and is ever so gracious to me. have you ever seen supercute jewelry on me? kendra probably made it. i'm so glad you are my friend and have been through many seasons of life (joyous and difficult.) you love deeply and you love well.

happy to you- two women who have made my life richer.
i am a better mom and friend because of you both.

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  1. What a beautiful post you wrote about our dear friend Hannah!


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