Wednesday, June 2, 2010

donut date

this morning i took little m out on a special date with me, since essentially i am feeding her baby sister for 12 hours a day. that means waaaay less attention for her.

i figured she needed some one on one mommy time, so i took her to get a treat at the donut shop and left baby ruby home with matt.

after she happily polished off this chocolate sprinkle donut, she wooed her way to an extra donut hole from the woman working, and pranced and twirled her chocolate smeared face self into the hearts of the table full of older men sitting behind us. sugared up, we made up some silly songs on our drive home & came back laughing and with full tummies.

mission accomplished.


  1. well, that is just a delightful morning! (and now i want a donut with rainbow sprinkles!)

  2. I love that picture of her! Partly because of the cool sweater, but mostly because of the spunky personality that just oozes from every pore.

  3. i love that you took her out for a special time w/ you...


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