Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(a few glimpses into life at my house right now)
queen's anne's lace
(which always reminds me of childhood summer vacations to peaks island, maine- where it flourishes- and evening family walks around the island where we kids would collect cans and bottles to recycle for money so that we could buy atomic fire balls and lemonheads at the island grocery store)finally getting to bake after months of packing, moving, unpacking, and giving birth.
(oh how i love to put ingredients together to make something new and delicious)
dishes, i don't love you so much.
little m seems to know the words "chocolate chips."
she saw this dough and declared, "chocolate chip cookies, mommy?"
grandma prinz and little m went adventuring and collected leaves and flowers
the nursing station next to my bed
little m's breakfast of cherries and yogurt
m's favorite spot in her room
baby ruby resting on our bed
matt & m spend some time in the backyard


  1. beautiful moments. love them.

  2. My husband and I work at a christian deaf boarding school in BC Mexico for a few years. We LOVED working with the deaf and had hope of having a little deaf family of our own. Both of our daughters are hearing, but maybe someday we will be able to adopt a deaf child... I'm sure what you are going through is HARD but oh how blessed you are!!!

  3. love these moments, and the bird's eye perspective of the photos...little m is so sweet curled up in her bed

  4. I love your photos, they make me smile inside.


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